Consisting mainly of dark, mineral sand mixed with tiny stones

Cala Seregola is another beach that is part of the mining area of Rio Marina.

Although it isn't a very long beach - only 190 metres - it is very wide, at one point reaching 64 metres, and consists of pebbles of different sizes: the sandy sea bed that is rich in minerals is beautiful mixed and has aa beautiful it is well equipped there is a large car park behind it. It is in a south-east position.

What is unique about this beach is that here you "enter a mine": as soon as you come off the main road, you start seeing signs for the mines and the remains of the warehouses in what used to be one of the most important a mineral areas in Italy. On the right hand side of the beach, facing the sea, you will see the remains of a loading dock, all that is left of the old mines.

On the other hand, if you go left of the car park, you will go through a "canyon" between two mountains of mined rock, and this takes you to two tiny beaches, consisting mainly of medium/large stones, that at some points are large enough to sunbathe on. Further along there are rocks that are probably more suitable for fishing rather than for sunbathing.

The view from here looks out to the tiny island of Palmaiola in the foreground, then that of Cerboli, and the coastline of Piombino in the background, all very near indeed; on a clear day you can even see the Island of Giglio.

How to get to Cala Seregola beach

In summer you have two choices if you want to go to Cala Seregola by minibus, thanks to the free beach service; if you prefer to get there by car take the main road from Rio Marina to Cavo and you will see a sign for the grit road that leads to the spacious car park behind the cove.

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Information and facilities

CommuneRio Marina
Recommended with the following winds West Wind, Mistral
CompositionSand and shingles
Length190 m
FacilitiesBar, Minibus, Sun umbrella / sun bed hire/rental, Free parking
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Cala Seregola

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Beach of Cala Seregola