Smooth giant slabs of bright white granite

The small town of Pomonte lies in a valley surrounded by mountains and sea that look more like a frame around it, and the following three beautiful beaches that consist mainly of granite shingle and pebbles are only 1 kilometre away: Le Scalette, Relitto and Ogliera.

The northern part of the town that goes as far as the area known as punta della Testa consists of incredibly beautiful bright white graniterocks and cliffs that gently slope down as far as the sea.

They are better known as the Calello and Cala Maestrale rocks, once a granite quarry and today a breathtaking inlet that is perfect for going snorkelling.

Both rocks are smooth, giant slabs of granite that are very comfortable both for lying on if you want to do some sunbathing or if you want to dive off them into the crystal clear sea to cool down.

Calello Rock is often considered a beautiful natural play park where many teenagers enjoy themselves jumping off the small peer into the water. This "trampoline" is about 3 metres high and in the past was used for loading boats.

Interesting fact: In the past the Calello Rock was a tiny commercial landing wharf from where the "leudi" (lateen sailing boats used for sea transport all over the Mediterranean up till the last years of the twentieth century) loaded with the grape juice from the vineyards of the area or the granite from the local quarries. Here, a copy of a typical "Bigo di Forza" (old wooden crane) has been built in memory of the days when the granite was extracted and worked.

But the natural beauty and the peace and quiet of Pomonte aren't the only reasons you immediately fall in love with the town, it's also the crystal clear sea and the magnificent colours therein. Its fantastic sea bed rich in marine fauna plus the refreshing sea breeze make it the perfect place for lovers of windsurf and snorkelling.

The cliffs look out to the open sea, and from here you can see Bastia and the skyline of Punta della Corsica, while if you look southwards you can see the unmistakable outline of the Island of Pianosa. It you remain in Pomonte until dusk you will be able to admire the breathtaking beauty of the sun as it sets.

How to get to the rocks of Calello and Cala Maestrale

Pomonte is easy to drive to, just follow the western ring road around Monte Capanne. Start off from the small church square in Pomonte and go down the road that leads to the beach then park your car in the nearby free car park. Once you get to the Sardi Hotel turn right until you get to the Calello square (here, unfortunately, there are very few parking spaces). From the square you can choose any of the paths  that quickly and easily get you to the cliffs and Cala Maestrale.

There is both a public bus service and the Commune of Marciana Marebus service that connect the town of Pomonte with all the other towns on the Island.

Photographs by Alessio Gambini
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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds North-East Wind, East Wind
Length350 m
FacilitiesBank / Cash machine, Bar, Autobus, Newsagent's, Chemist, Market, Minibus, Shops, Free parking, Post Office, Restaurants
Nearby beaches Pomonte (0,17 km), Ogliera (0,77 km), Chiessi (1,23 km), Le Tombe (2,17 km), Aliva (2,56 km), Campo Lo Feno (2,69 km), Fetovaia (3,44 km), Le Calle (3,9 km), Le Buche (4,26 km), Le Piscine (4,6 km), Patresi (4,82 km)

Calello e Cala Maestrale

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Beach of Calello e Cala Maestrale