Clear water for windsurf and snorkelling lovers

In Marciana, on the most western part of the Island of Elba this beach bears the same name as the town.

The beach itself isn't very big, and consists of medium/large light grey, granite pebbles. The beauty of Chiessi lies in the fact that there are granite cliffs all around that practically go right down to the beach. These smooth, flat cliffs are perfect for sunbathing, stepping down into the water or diving off from!

Winds from the south help to make the air a little cooler during the summer, so it is perfect for those who love to lie in the sun or go surfing; Thanks to the afternoon wind that blows at 400 metres from the beach, Chiessi is also very popular among lovers of windsurf.

The unbelievably crystal clear water plus the brightly coloured sea bed that is rich in fish mean you can go deep sea diving to admire the flora and fauna, above all around the rocks that lie deep below the surface of the water.

Although there are no facilities on the beach, the nearby town offers some of the most important ones like bars, a newsagents, restaurants and hotels

There is a fantastic view of Pianosa and Corsica on the horizon, and those who love staying on the beach until late in the evening will be able to admire one of the most breathtaking views of the sunset over the Island of Elba as the sun sets behind the French island,

A little further north of Chiessi there are many beautiful, rugged and pristine inlets, some of which you can only get to by sea: Campo Lo Feno, Pietre Albe and Punta Nera.

How to get to the beach

You can get to the actual beach from the town, and you can park your cark in the car park in the main square.

Another option is to go by bus or, during the summer months, you can take advantage of the Marebus beach service run by the Commune of Marciana.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds North-East Wind, East Wind
Length80 m
FacilitiesHaulage, Bar, Autobus, Boat alleyway, Newsagent's, Car park, Restaurants
Nearby beaches Calello e Cala Maestrale (1,23 km), Pomonte (1,41 km), Campo Lo Feno (1,45 km), Ogliera (2 km), Le Buche (3,05 km), Le Tombe (3,38 km), Patresi (3,66 km), Aliva (3,75 km), Fetovaia (4,54 km), Le Calle (4,97 km)


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Beach of Chiessi