Beautiful smooth granite rocks to lie on and sunbathe

"Cote Piane" is what the locals from Elba call the rocks made of orthoclase crystals that are set like jewels in granite magma.

The rocks have been smoothened by the sea and the wind, and are in Sant'Andrea, to the left of the beautiful, ochre coloured sands beach. The rocky formations seem to embrace the tiny inlet, as if wanting to shelter it from the winds from the west.

Thanks to several walkways that have been carved out of the rocks and small, wooden bridges that get you beyond Capo Sant'Andrea from the beach, the Sant'Andrea rocks are easy to get to. They can be best described as a game of many, different shapes that seem to dive into the sea giving the water bright, ever changing colours and hues that you will never forget, in short, nature at its best.

In spring, when the peak turns fuchsia thanks to the fields of Hottentot fig plants, the visual effect is breathtaking.

Since the rocks are smooth and comfortable to lie or sit on they are perfect for sunbathing or if you simply want some peace and quiet in the heart of nature.The crystal clear water and the rocks that lie on the sea bed make the entire area very rich in sea flora and fauna, so it is perfect if you want to go snorkelling or do some fishing from the rocks.

How to get to the rocks

Just follow the path that starts off to the left of Sant'Andrea beach.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds Sirocco, South Wind
Length400 m
FacilitiesBank / Cash machine, Bar, Newsagent's, Market, Minibus, Shops, Car park, Restaurants
Nearby beaches Sant'Andrea (0,18 km), Cotoncello (0,59 km), La Cala (2,44 km), Patresi (3,07 km), Ripa Barata (3,17 km), Le Buche (3,85 km), La Fenicetta (4,17 km), La Fenicia (4,32 km), Marciana Marina (4,78 km)

Cote Piane

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Beach of Cote Piane