A natural swimming pool in the gulf of Sant'Andrea

The tiny beach of Cotoncello sits right inside the gulf of Sant'Andrea but on the opposite side.

This beach, consisting of white sand, sits in a beatiful, tiny inlet and is yet another jewel along the coast of Elba, and can be described as a "sitting room" for swimming and sunbathing in. It is surrounded by smooth, white granite cliffs that connect it to the beach of Sant'Andrea. The bay is unique and truly beautiful and could almost be considered a natural swimming pool.

Hint from Infoelba: The route that goes along the coast consists of small, wooden bridges and footpaths carved out of the rocks, and is very suggestive and blends in perfectly with the natural environment all around.

In low season many people love to "sunbathe on the rocks" of the smooth granite cliffs, because here they can relax in peace as they admire the crystal clear, emerald coloured water of the sea

It is without a doubt a jewel among the beaches in Elba, and is also quiet and peaceful so it is perfect for small children because they can play safely in the shallow water opposite the tiny beach.

Hint from Infoelba: In spring you mustn't miss the breathtakingly beautiful fields of Hottentot Figs, - or Witch's Nails as they are sometimes called - when the flowers are in full bloom, and cover the cliffs in Cotoncello and Sant'Andrea with a fuchsia blanket. The sight of the crystal clear water and the brightly coloured flowers that cover the cliffs is a unique paradise that makes the entire area one of the most characteristic on the Island of Elba.

How to get to Cotoncello beach

You can get there by car; take the road from Zanca to Sant'Andrea then turn right for Cotoncello about 400 metres before you actually get to the beach in Sant'Andrea. The path for pedestrians only at the end of the road will get you to the beach.

If you prefer, you can also go on foot to Cotoncello beach (but bear in mind there is very little parking space): just walk along the rocks that connect it to Sant'Andrea along the route that is just above the water's edge, but be prepared to get your feet wet from time to time.

In the summer months you can also get to this tiny beach by using the Commune of Marciana Marebus shuttle bus service that starts off at the main road and goes down to La Zanca, Cotoncello and Sant'Andrea.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds Sirocco, South Wind
Length50 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Sant'Andrea (0,52 km), Cote Piane (0,59 km), La Cala (1,85 km), Ripa Barata (2,59 km), Patresi (3,48 km), La Fenicetta (3,59 km), La Fenicia (3,75 km), Marciana Marina (4,19 km), Le Buche (4,22 km), Crocetta (4,84 km)


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