Crystal clear sea near Marciana Marina

La Crocetta (also called Anime beach) is anenchanting beach, just past Marciana Marina, at the foot of a steep cliff covered in lush vegetation.

You can see it clearly from the top of the main road that right at this point starts going round the coast and reveals the beach in all its glory.

Although it is very near Marciana Marina, it is a completely pristine andrugged beach, in the heart of nature.

It is very small, and consists of medium/large, white pebbles surrounded by different coloured cliffs: on one side very old, dark rocks, and on the other light coloured granite rocks.

The sea bed is made up of basaltic and granite gravel that gives off a green colour of different hues that goes from light blueto dark blue as the water gets deeper, and the crystal clear water that reflects in the sun gives the beach an even more unbelievable aspect.

The large stones on the beach make it a little uncomfortable, so we suggest you bring a beach mattress with you or head for the rocks to the left of the beach if you want to do some sunbathing.

It isn't very easy to get to either but a swim in the crystal clear water with the sea bed made of white, crumbled stones from the cliffs will make it more than worth it. It is the perfect beach for snorkelling lovers.

There are no facilities on the beach.

How to get to the beach

La Crocetta beach is about 600 metres from Marciana Marina. Access starts at a path that is clearly signposted - you will see it right next to a green gate on the main road - and it gets you right to the beach. The first part of the path goes through lush Mediterranean bush rich in holm oaks and lentisks while the second part consists of steps carved out of the rocks.

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Information and facilities

CommuneMarciana Marina
Recommended with the following winds Sirocco, South Wind, Sout-West Wind
Length70 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Remontò (0,59 km), Marciana Marina (0,64 km), La Fenicia (1,15 km), La Fenicetta (1,29 km), Bagno (1,43 km), Le Sprizze (1,85 km), Ripa Barata (2,25 km), Redinoce (2,56 km), La Paolina (2,87 km), La Cala (2,98 km), Procchio (3,65 km), Porticciolo (4,2 km), Lamaia (4,56 km), Cotoncello (4,84 km), Forno (4,98 km)


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Beach of Crocetta