Two small, pristine beaches surrounded by lush, Mediterranean bush

Ferrato is the name of two small beaches separated one from the other by a line of rocks, and they are on the eastern coast of the Island of Elba. These two horse shoe shaped beaches consist of sand mixed with shingle and are 80 metres in length all in.

The name probably comes from the mineral dust in the sand after years of intense work in the iron mines during the Etrurian Age.

The northern part of the beach (Ferrato One), consisting of sand mixed with shingle, is wider and gets more sun, and there is a cane thicket at the back. The southern part (Ferrato Two) on the other hand, consisting of tiny stones, is next to Calanova beach and is more secluded and in the shade.

The whole beach is of a reddish colour and the lush vegetation all around it plus the fact that there is a lot of dry seaweed give it a somewhat rugged and wild appearance.

The beautiful, crystal clear water is shallow till quite far out so it is perfect if you want to go snorkelling.

It is also very popular among families with small children, or those who love quiet, deserted beaches where the water is pristine and where there are no bathing establishments.

Perfect if you want to relax.

The beach faces north-east and you have an excellent view of Monte Arco as well as part of the strait and the tiny island of Cerboli.

How to get to Ferrato beach

You have several options:

  • the first is an easy walk along a path about 200 metres farher along on the way to Straccoligno beach (in the direction of Calanova), it is next to a pink coloured house where you will also see a pole with two road mirrors on it, exactly 100 metres before the end of the main road. just follow the signs and you will get there very easily after walking for about 50 metres.
  • the second is about 900 metres from Sraccoligno, start off at the car and camper car park that you will see signposted on the road.
  • your third option is to start off near a big bend on the road about 1,2 km from Straccoligno, you will see it quite easily because there is a bench with a wooden light pole at the side. The path through the vegetation gets you to both Ferrato Two and One (Malpasso is on the right).
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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds South Wind, Sout-West Wind, West Wind
CompositionSand and shingles
Length80 m
FacilitiesBar, Car park
Nearby beaches Malpasso (0,31 km), Straccoligno (0,32 km), Calanova (0,47 km), Istia (0,61 km), Buzzancone (1,01 km), Naregno (1,16 km), Punta Nera (1,4 km), La Pianotta (2,14 km), La Rossa (2,35 km), Mola (2,45 km), Stagnone (2,55 km), Barbarossa (2,65 km), Reale (2,9 km), Vetrangoli (3,22 km), Morcone (3,25 km), Terranera (3,27 km), Pareti (3,31 km), Remaiolo (3,32 km), Madonna delle Grazie (3,39 km), Innamorata (3,58 km), Barabarca (3,88 km), Zuccale (4,05 km), Lido di Capoliveri (4,65 km)


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Beach of Ferrato