Made up of tiny stones, there is a car park and a bar

Frugoso beach is on the most northern point of Elba, between Capo Vita and Capo Castello (and this is why the beach is often given the same name as the beautiful promontory).

The main beach is just over 200 metres long , plus at least another 240 metres of beach to the left that is made up of large stones and is somewhat quieter . Next to Capo Castello but on the other side, there is another tiny beach about thirty metres long just past some rocks .

The beach consists partly of small grey or grey and white stones, and partly of sandy areas. A lot of posidonia is often washed up on the beach brought in by spring tides.

To the left, as far as the Capo Vita promontory, the beach ends with large shingle and stones that have been made smooth by the sea. There are also some beautiful villas on the left hand side of the beach.

Since it is facing northwards, when a southern wind is blowing, the sea is unbelievably clear; if you do underwater swimming along the coast it will prove to be a truly fascinating experience, even if you only use a mask and flippers.

The lush Mediterranean bush that surrounds the beach makes it look very rugged, but in actual fact there are numerous facilities available and it isn't difficult to get to it.

The view stretches as far as the Strait of Piombino with the tiny island of Topi in the foreground, only 450 metres away that you can easily sail to by canoe or by small boat. The mainland and the town of Piombino are in the background.

On the road down to the beach there is a fee paying car park and a bar.

How to get to Frugoso beach

It is very easy if you go along the sea front in the tiny town of Cavo then just go along Via Bernardo Procchi. Once you get to the end of the road you will see the pinewood of Capo Castello and the car park, and access to the beach is right here.

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Posidonia...not seaweed!

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Information and facilities

CommuneRio Marina
Recommended with the following winds South Wind, Sout-West Wind
CompositionSand and shingles
Length200 m
FacilitiesBar, Canoe/kayak rental, Sun umbrella / sun bed hire/rental, Pedalo rental, Car park, Bathing establishment
Nearby beaches Cala delle Alghe (0,2 km), Cavo (0,54 km), Fornacelle (2,04 km), Direttore (2,91 km), Cala Seregola (3,3 km), Mangani (3,47 km), Topinetti (3,67 km), Rivercina (4,07 km), Malpasso di Rio (4,4 km), Nisportino (4,62 km)


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Beach of Frugoso