Crystal clear sea and enchanting sunsets in a legendary place

Innamorata is the last beach on the southern side of Monte Calamita (Capoliveri) with bathing establishments. In the past its name was Cala de lo ferro and is on the outskirts of the area where the old iron mines , are, in one of the most rugged and pristine areas of the Island of Elba.

It is very long, about 290 metres, and almost 30 metres wide.

It consists mainly of sand and shingle, and is in a truly beautiful setting; the nearby Gemini islands are a much loved destination for easy excursions on canoes or pedalos or even if you want to swim out to them. Thanks to their beautiful sand bed that is rich in marine fauna, these two tiny islands are also very popular among snorkelling lovers.

Half the beach is taken up by bathing establishments while the other half is free; besides this there are numerous facilities as well as bars and restaurants.

To the left of the beach you can see the tiny Punte delle Ciarpe beach right opposite the Gemini islands, and you can still see traces of the mining industry surrounded by Mediterranean bush. There is also a hidden cove nearpunta di Pareti (to the right of Innamorata).

From the beach the view of the horizon stretches as far as the Island of Montecristo, the promontories of Capo di Stella, Fonza and Capo Poro. In the evening the sunsets over Monte Capanne are breathtaking.

From punta Pareti the beach is sheltered from the northern winds while punta della Ciarpa and the Gemini islands protect it from southern winds

The Innamorata legend

In the romantic Innamorata Cove, as though watched over by the tiny Gemini islands, as well as crystal clear water and enchanting and unique sunsets, every July 14th you can also watch the commemoration of the famous legend of the two lovers: that of Lorenzo and Maria, that goes back to 1534. A magnificent torchlight procession takes place, with the participants dressed in sixteenth century costumes.

According to the legend, the young betrothed girl (the Innamorata, girl in love, hence the name of the beach), in an attempt to save her future husband who had been kidnapped and dragged on to a ship by Barbarossa's pirates, jumped into the sea only to be swallowed up by the waves. Only her shawl was found on a rock, since then called the Ciarpa (scarf).

How to get to Innamorata beach

The area is about 5 km from Capoliveri and is easy to get to by car. In the summer months you can also use the shuttle bus service from Capoliveri.

There is a free car park with room for abot 25/30 cars as well as a fee paying one.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds North Wind, North-East Wind, East Wind
Length280 m
FacilitiesHaulage, Bar, Boat alleyway, Automatic defibrillator, Market, Minibus, Canoe/kayak rental, Boat / pedalo hire/rental, Sun umbrella / sun bed hire/rental, Pedalo rental, Stand Up Paddle rental, Fee paying car park, Restaurants, Rent / Surfing school, Rent / Sailing school, Bathing establishment
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Beach of Innamorata

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