Crystal clear, turquoise water

La Cala beachis very pretty and sits in the north eastern side of Elba, in the hamlet that bears the same name, between Marciana Marina and Sant'Andrea.

It is a beautiful beach that is set like a jewel in one of the greenest and lushest coasts on the island.

Although a landslide of huge rocks divides it into two it is about 70 metres from one end to the other. The part to the left isn't very suitable for lying or sunbathing on because it consists mainly of huge stones while the part to the right is much more suitable because it consists of different coloured small/medium sized stones.

There is lush vegetation all around that in some areas goes right down as far as the water's edge, and this gives the beach awild and rugged aspect.

Since the water is an almost unreal, a crystal clear, turquoise colour, and is also shallow till quite far out, it is perfect if you want to go in for a swim or simply wade in, or, if you wish, do any sort of underwater sport.

Since it is neither easy to find or even to get there, La Cala beach is always very quiet, and even in peak season it is perfect if you want peace and quiet to relax. There are no facilities on the beach.

I faces the open sea so mostly northern winds blow there.

The enchanting Caletta beach is very near La Cala beach, but access is by sea only; you cant get there by land because the surrounding area is private and trespassing is forbidden.

How to get to Cala beach

You have two choices and both are very suggestive.

The longer of the two starts from Marciana Marina, just follow the road that runs at the back of La Fenicia beach. Once you get to the end of the road park your car (there are however very few parking spaces) and follow the signs along the path of the National Park across a holm oak wood and vineyard terracings. The path is about a 1000 metres long and it isn't particularly difficult.

On the other hand, if you start off at Maciarello it is a shorter way, and here you can park (but there are only about 15 parking spaces). The path is about 550 metres long and gets you right to the beach, it is of medium difficulty because in some parts it is quite steep, but it goes across vineyards and old wine cellars and is at times shaded by large trees.

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Information and facilities

CommuneMarciana Marina
Recommended with the following winds Sirocco, South Wind, Sout-West Wind, West Wind
Length70 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Ripa Barata (0,78 km), La Fenicetta (1,78 km), Cotoncello (1,85 km), La Fenicia (1,93 km), Marciana Marina (2,34 km), Sant'Andrea (2,38 km), Cote Piane (2,44 km), Crocetta (2,98 km), Remontò (3,39 km), Bagno (4 km), Le Sprizze (4,37 km)

La Cala

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Beach of La Cala