La Fenicia's younger sister

La Fenicetta, that the locals from Marciana Marina sometimes call Feniccetta or Finiccetta is a tiny beach in Marciana Marina that is set like a jewel with a picturesque natural frame all around ; a pathway along the coast separates it from it's bigger sister La Fenicia.

The beach is about twenty metres long and about 8 metres wide, and is divided into two by a row of high rocks  with a building looking over it. It consists of medium sized dark coloured stones.

To the left, high cliffs that go right down as far as the water's edge make the coastline unique, and are also perfect if you want to do :some beathtaking diving.

Thanks to where it lies and the cliffs all around, the beach is already in the shade in the early afternoon even in the peak summer months.

It is nigh impossible not be struck by this tiny and enchanting, almost hidden beach !

Many European shags, a rare and protected  species of sea birds  build their nest here so please do not disturb them in any way.

If you start off at La Fenicetta and go past the rocks on the left you can swim to a tiny, white pebble beach that is only about 350 metres farther along. This mini excursion is perfect if you want to do snorkelling; here the sea is crystal clear and the water is turquois coloured, but the distance and the fact that boats frequently go past mean you have to be somewhat careful and above all very fit.

How to get to La Fenicetta

Since it lies at the far end of the sea front in Marciana Marina it is easy to get to. Walk along the cement walkway at the foot of the cliffs and go past the first of the two beaches, Fenicia; here you have two choices: either walk across the rocks or go down the steps and wade across the water until you get there.

The part of the coast between Fenicia and Fenicetta is very popular among teenagers, and here you will have no difficulty in finding a comfortable spot to sunbathe on.

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Information and facilities

CommuneMarciana Marina
Recommended with the following winds Sirocco, South Wind, Sout-West Wind
Length15 m
FacilitiesBar, Car park, Restaurants
Nearby beaches La Fenicia (0,15 km), Marciana Marina (0,69 km), Ripa Barata (1 km), Crocetta (1,29 km), La Cala (1,78 km), Remontò (1,81 km), Bagno (2,57 km), Le Sprizze (2,98 km), Cotoncello (3,59 km), Redinoce (3,73 km), La Paolina (4,05 km), Sant'Andrea (4,12 km), Cote Piane (4,17 km), Procchio (4,89 km)

La Fenicetta

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Beach of La Fenicetta