Quiet and sheltered, on a beautiful part of the coast

On a very beautiful part of the coast, half way between Bagnaia and Nisporto, this beach is so called after a nearby, tiny sand bed that sticks out of the water.

Not much longer than 60 metres and not much wider than 12, it is very rugged, and surrounded by lush, Mediterranean bush that over the years has more or less taken the place of the terracings that for a long time lay abandoned.

It is divided into two by a large rock sitting at the water's edge with the addition of other rocks that stick out of the sea, that without a doubt are beautiful but, it has to be said, make getting into the water a litlle complicated. It consists of sand mixed with small, pinkish coloured pebbles that are also very smooth.

Up till a few years ago you could get to the beach by following a path, but sad to say it has been left unattended so it is now impossible to use it. For this reason, access is only by sea, even if you only have a small boat or a kayak.

There are very few boats even in the month of August so it is without a doubt a quiet and practically deserted beach.

The sea is perfect if you want to go snorkelling: the best part of the beach to do this is on the right hand side, because the water is very shallow and the rocks on the sea bed are full of holes, almost as if they have been deliberately carved out, so the number of small fish you will see is unlimited.

Needless to say there are no facilities at all, and the rocks on either side aren't very comfortable if you want to lie on them or sunbathe.

Since the beach sits in a small bay, your only view is that of the horizon with the exception of the small rock in Portoferraio. Bear in mind that since the beach lies along the route of the ferries to and from the mainland, and that in summer they pass very frequently, waves reach the beach from time to time.

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Information and facilities

CommuneRio nell'Elba
Recommended with the following winds East Wind, Sirocco
CompositionSand and shingles
Length60 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Zupignano (0,46 km), Nisporto (0,77 km), Bagnaia (1,37 km), Nisportino (1,77 km), Rivercina (2,34 km), Magazzini (2,69 km), Mangani (2,94 km), Le Viste (3,37 km), Schiopparello (3,5 km), Le Ghiaie (3,92 km), Cala dei Frati (4,29 km), Padulella (4,55 km), Capo Bianco (4,64 km), Del Sasso (4,67 km), La Torre (4,76 km), Marina di Gennaro (4,82 km)

Le Secche

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Beach of Le Secche