Discovering the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Elba

Today the Island of Elba is considered one of the most beautiful destinations for a holiday in Italy, heaven on earth. It is only a few kilometres from the coast, so millions of holiday makers, unable to resist the charm of its nature, and keen to see its very varied history and culture, that is still unspoiled by man, have practically fallen in love with it.

The Island of Elba has everything to offer to those who want a truly quiet, peaceful and relaxing holiday. Not only are there frequent ferry crossings to and from the mainland, but the airport on the island means there are also frequent flights. Needless to say, there are also many high class hotels all over.

Although there are many reasons why tourists choose the Island of Elba for their holidays, the main one is they want to admire its lush and varied countryside.

Discovering Elba's beaches

As well as its territory, the beauty of the different types of beaches on Elba is another tourist attraction. Holiday makers can choose from long, sandy beaches, pebble or shingles ones, as well as many unexpected, often hidden, tiny coves.

There are so many exceptionally beautiful beaches on the island that it is anything but easy to draw up a list of Elba's most beautiful beaches.

Let's start with the fine sands beaches that are perfect for relaxing in the sun and sunbathing. Two of the best known and most popular are La Biodola and Cavoli. Cavoli is on the southern side of the Island, not far from the Commune of Marina di Campo; it is a long, sandy beach, where the sea is very shallow till quite far out, and the water is crystal clear, making it perfect for those who have come on holiday with small children.

Biodola is similar to Cavoli, in that it is a long beach (more than 600 metres), has every possible facility, and is perfect not only for those who want to lie in the sun and sunbathe, but also for lovers of deep sea diving and snorkelling.

Although the sandy beaches are truly magnificent, they are not the only picturesque ones; the small pebble and shingles ones are equally wonderful, and the most beautiful are without a doubt those to be found in and around Portoferraio. Those that in our opinion are an absolute must are: Padulella, about 150 metres long, on the right of Capo Bianco; Sansone, that although is only about 5 kilometres from Portoferraio, isn't very easy to reach, but it is certainly very quiet; and Enfola, on the northern side of the island, famous for being the only beach to have been formed by an isthmus.

And last but not least the numerous rocky bays spread all over Elba. By this we mean really rugged parts of the coast, perfect for those who want to avoid noise and confusion. Without a doubt three of the most beautiful are Chiessi, Patresi and Capo Sant'Andrea, all of which are on the western side of the island past the Commune of Marciana. These beaches may be somewhat difficult to reach, but their intact beauty more than makes up for this.

We must give Seccheto and Fetovaia a special mention; the former is a beautiful sandy beach with all the facilities, the latter is one of the best known and most popular beaches in Elba.

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