Cliffs and white, smooth pebbles, sheltered from the Scirocco wind

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Shingles / Golden
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Sand and shingles / White
Sand and shingles / Multicolor
Sand and shingles / Grey
Sand and shingles / Golden

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39 beaches on the Island of Elba viewed on the map

Le Ghiaie Le Ghiaie, made up of small, smooth white shingle, is one of Portoferraio's most beautiful beaches. Environment protection area, thus perfect for scuba diving.
Cala dei Frati Cala dei Frati is a small, white pebble beach with access by sea only; sheltered from all winds, be they scirocco or the west wind.
Padulella Padulella is a white pebble beach, near Le Ghiaie and Capo Bianco, with many facilities and a crystal clear sea.
Capo Bianco Capo Bianco is a white pebble beach with crystal clear water, not far from the centre of Portoferraio
Sottobomba Sottobomba is white shingle beach, typical of this area, with a crystal clear sea and spacious car park.
Seccione Seccione beach (also called Prunini) is a very quiet and relaxing beach on the road to Viticcio, in Portoferraio.
Acquaviva Acquaviva is a small, white shingle beach, near Enfola and Viticcio, in the commune of Portoferraio
Sorgente La Sorgente (also called Acquavivetta) is tiny, white shingle beach near Viticcio and Enfola, in Portoferraio.
Sansone Sansone is an enchanting beach consisting of small white shingle and has a fantastic sea bed, typical of the northern side of the Island of Elba.
Enfola Capo d'Enfola is famous for its ancient tuna fishing port, now the seat of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. The narrow isthmus has a beach on either side.
Viticcio There are no facilities on the beaches in Viticcio, so they are perfect if you want to have a relaxing time at the beach away from the busy crowds.
Forno Forno is a small, quiet sandy beach facing La Biodola Gulf.
Scaglieri Tiny sandy beach next to La Biodola, with many facilities and breathtaking sunsets over the Island of Capraia on the horizon.
Biodola Biodola is a sandy beach in one of the most enchanting gulfs in Elba, near Portoferraio. Beautiful hotels and restaurants right on the beach.
Lamaia Tiny beach that is interesting from a naturalistic point of view and that you get to by following the Sentiero della Salute: Biodola - Procchio.
Porticciolo Porticciolo beach is a tiny, sheltered pristine inlet that is much loved by boatmen who are looking for peace and quiet.
Procchio Procchio is one of the longest and most pleasant sandy beaches in Elba, with a very wide choice of facilities and plenty room to park.
La Paolina La Paolina is a sand and tiny stone beach, and takes it name from Napoleon's sister.
Redinoce Redinoce is a fully equipped, stone and sand beach between Procchio and Marciana Marina.
Le Sprizze Dark shingle beach sheltered by a pine grove, on the road between Procchio and Marciana Marina.
Bagno Bagno is a small beach consisting of medium/large shingle, mostly grey and multicoloured.
Remontò Remonto is a tiny beach consisting of pebbles of different colours and is near Marciana Marina.
Crocetta Crocetta beach consists of large, cream coloured stones, and offers you a crystal clear sea near Marciana Marina.
Marciana Marina Small beach next to the town of Marciana Marina
La Fenicia La Fenicia is a long, shingle beach in Marciana Marina, with easy access and numerous facilities for the disabled.
La Fenicetta Enchanting tiny, almost hidden beach set like a jewel in picturesque natural surroundings
Ripa Barata Ripa Barata is a tiny, pristine cove that takes its name from the "landslide" of rocks to the right of the beach.
La Cala Set like a jewel in one of the most beautiful coastlines of the island with lush vegetation all around.
Frugoso Frugoso is a small beach made up of tiny stones, and there is also a car park and a bar.
Mangani Almost magical because typically pristine and rugged, Mangani beach is one of the most beautiful and untouched bays on the Island of Elba.
Rivercina Rivercina is one of the most deserted beaches on the Island of Elba because it is one of the most rugges and pristine.
Nisportino Nisportino is definitely the beach for those who want to escape from the city and have a completely relaxing holiday.
Nisporto Nisporto is well sheltered from the wind and is perfect for children, thanks to its sea bed and the numerous facilities available
Le Secche Small beach mid way between Bagnaia and Nisporto, access to which is only by sea.
Zupignano Zupignano beach is truly beautiful from a geological point of view, thanks to the high clifftops that seem to want to push it down into the sea.
Bagnaia Bagnaia is a beach in the gulf of Portoferraio, with bathing establishments, rentals, bars and restaurants
Magazzini The beach in the tiny hamlet of Magazzini, right opposite Portoferraio
Schiopparello Characteristic beach with breathtaking view of the skyline of Portoferraio, on the northern side of Elba.
Le Viste Le Viste is a beach near the centre of Portoferraio, with the ancient Medicean walls overlooking it.