Facing the Ogliera rock

Ogliera beach is in Pomonte, south of the beach where the Shipwreck is.

It is about 300 metres long, and some high rocks and stones divide it into various parts; today a fisherman still pulls his boat up onto the rocks that stick out on the south side of the beach.

It consists of dark coloured sand mixed with fine shingle and the sea is crystal clear and of a beautiful blue colour so it is perfect whether you want to go in for a swim or do snorkelling or deep sea diving.

Due to the high, rocky cliffs along the top of the road you can't really see the beach below so this makes it ideal for those in search of privacy who love wild, free beaches.

It takes its name from the Ogliera rock that faces the beach, very famous because only a few metres below the surface of the water the Elviscot Shipwrecklies; this ship sank in 1972 after running aground on the rock.

On days when a south west wind blows the sea is rough.

Getting to Ogliera beach

One way is to start off at the beach where the shipwreck is and wade across the sea where the water reaches your knees.

Or, if you prefer, you can follow the short, steep path through a beautiful pine wood that goes downhill towards the sea; it starts on a bend south of Pomonte about 900 metres from the Church square.

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Further reading

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Information and facilities

CommuneMarina di Campo
Recommended with the following winds North-East Wind, East Wind
Length100 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Pomonte (0,59 km), Calello e Cala Maestrale (0,77 km), Le Tombe (1,42 km), Aliva (1,81 km), Chiessi (2 km), Fetovaia (2,77 km), Le Calle (3,24 km), Campo Lo Feno (3,45 km), Le Piscine (4 km), Seccheto (4,46 km)


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Beach of Ogliera