One of the biggest and best equipped beaches in Elba

At a length of just under one kilometre, Procchio is one of the longest and best equipped sandy beaches on the Island of Elba.

In the past it was called Cervinia and it used to be an important area for working iron and copper. Proof of this lies in the extraordinary archaeological remains - a furnace and the hull of a Roman ship with its precious cargo of amphoras still on board - that have been found here, all in perfect condition.

It sits in the gulf bearing the same name, between Punta Agnone and La Guardiola.

In actual fact Procchio beach consists of: Campo all'Aia, an extra piece on the right, and, a little further along, the tiny La Guardiola beach.

Procchio is a beach shaped like a horse shoe with golden, fine sand, and the emerald green sea is always crystal clear, even more so on days when a southern wind is blowing.

The water is shallow till quite far out, so this makes it perfect for children who can play at the water's edge or in the water in all safety.

The view of the gulf with the green summits of Monte Perone and the Monte Capanne massif looking over it proudly is without a doubt one of the most beautiful panoramas on the island.

There are many facilities on the beach that will suit everybody's needs: many bathing establishments where you can hire a sun umbrella or sun bed, pedalo, canoe and boat rentals as well as bars and restaurants. There are also sailing, windsurfing and diving schools, and the town itself, where you will find a chemist, post office and supermarket, is right behind the beach.

Getting to the beach

You can drive there from Campo all'Aia (where there is also a spacious, unsurfaced car park) or walk from the town along the pedestrians-only short road that takes you right to the beach. During the summer the car parks are all at a fee from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm

, and since the town is right in the centre of the island it is easy to get there and back if you use the public bus service.

Not only, during the summer months the Commune of Marciana Marebus shuttle service runs to and from both Procchio and the nearby beaches.

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Advice from Infoelba

Biodola - Procchio trekking

Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds East Wind, Sirocco, South Wind
Length860 m
FacilitiesHaulage, Bank / Cash machine, Bar, Autobus, Mooring buoys, Boat alleyway, Automatic defibrillator, Newsagent's, Chemist, Market, Minibus, Shops, Canoe/kayak rental, Boat / pedalo hire/rental, Sun umbrella / sun bed hire/rental, Pedalo rental, Stand Up Paddle rental, Mooring, Car park, Post Office, Restaurants, Rent / Scuba diving school, Rent / Surfing school, Rent / Sailing school, Bathing establishment
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Beach of Procchio

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