The name comes from the "landslide" of rocks to the right of the beach

Ripa Barata is a tiny cove half way along the road between Marciana Marina and Sant'Andrea, on the northern coast of the Island of Elba.

The words Ripa Barata are local dialect for "crumbled coast" because they refer to the landslide of rocks to the right of the beach.

It is a deserted and truly rugged beach sheltered by high, steep cliffs all around, and covered in lush, Mediterranean bush that grows right down practically as far as the beach.

It is about 90 metres long and about 4 metres at the widest part, and consists of large white pebbles and rocks that lead to a crystal clear sea; whose colour reminds you of tropical seas.

It is pristine and very quiet because access there isn't very easy, so it is perfect if you are seeking peace and quiet where the sea is crystal clear even in peak season.

There are no bathing facilities on the beach.

How to get to Ripa Barata beach

Take the road from Marciana Marciana Marina that runs behind La Fenicia beach, at the far end of the sea front. Once you get to the end of the tarmacadam road you will have to park at the side of the road , then take the path on your right and follow the signs for Ripa Barata beach. Follow the path down for about 500 metres in the heart of the lush, Mediterranean bush rich in broom and holm oaks, and be careful towards the end as the rocks are quite steep.

Hint from Infoelba: We suggest you wear closed, comfortable walking shoes for walking down to the beach, and not flip flops.

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Information and facilities

CommuneMarciana Marina
Recommended with the following winds North-East Wind, East Wind, Sirocco, South Wind
Length90 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches La Cala (0,78 km), La Fenicetta (1 km), La Fenicia (1,16 km), Marciana Marina (1,61 km), Crocetta (2,25 km), Cotoncello (2,59 km), Remontò (2,71 km), Sant'Andrea (3,12 km), Cote Piane (3,17 km), Bagno (3,38 km), Le Sprizze (3,77 km), Redinoce (4,52 km), La Paolina (4,85 km)

Ripa Barata

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Beach of Ripa Barata