Pristine magic and totally rugged

La Rivercina is an enchanting beach consisting of brightly coloured pebbles north of Nisportino. It is one of the most deserted beaches on the Island of Elba and is unbelievably pristine and totally rugged.

It is just off the famous "red rocks", a line of rocks about 40 - 60 metres high, so this means there is no way of geting there by land. The only way to get to the beach is by sea from Nisportino, and by canoe or rowing boat will be no problem.

Suggestion from Infoelba: Be sure to stay well away from the rocks should any rocks fall on your head.

Since it doesn't sit in a gulf it isn't very sheltered so from choice yachtsmen prefer to moor in a gulf or small cove rather than here. It is exposed to winds from every direction, be they from the north (Tramontana) or from the south (Mezzogiorno), so it is sheltered from the eastern wind only (Levante) .

It is about 190 metres long and up to about 23 metres wide so it cant really be considered a particularly small beach.

It consists of small pebbles of different sizes, that go from tiny, multicoloured stones to bigger ones that vary in shape, size and colour.

Suggestion from Infoelba: There is no shade on the beach, and bear in mind that where it is means you get the sun all day right up till it sets, so take a sun umbrella with you if you want to spend the whole day there.

The sea is absolutely crystal clear, so the only flaw this beach has is that being so near where the ferries cross to and from Piombino means you get the odd wave as they pass. The sea on the right hand side of the beach is suitable for snorkelling because there are many sandbanks and rocks just below the surface, so they are perfect for the average free diver.

Along the coast on the left hand side of the beach (south) there are numerous micro beaches in between the stones that have broken off the rocks above, and that have been made smooth by the waves and weather conditions.

The view of the northern coastline of Elba and Monte Capanne at the top, that you get if you look out towards the sea is beautiful.

It is about 1000 metres from here to Nisportino beach.

If, on the other hand, you choose to get there by boat, the distances are as follows: from the shipyards in Portoferraio about 3,7 nautical miles, from Bagnaia about 2,3 miles, from Nisporto about 0,9 miles, and from the tourist port in Cavo about 3,8 miles; you could say it's half the distance from Portoferraio to Cavo.

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Information and facilities

CommuneRio nell'Elba
Recommended with the following winds East Wind
CompositionSand and shingles
Length190 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Mangani (0,6 km), Nisportino (0,63 km), Nisporto (1,6 km), Le Secche (2,34 km), Zupignano (2,8 km), Bagnaia (3,71 km), Cavo (3,74 km), Malpasso di Rio (3,99 km), Cala delle Alghe (4 km), Frugoso (4,07 km), Topinetti (4,15 km), Fornacelle (4,2 km), Del Sasso (4,25 km), La Torre (4,42 km), Cala Seregola (4,49 km), Marina di Gennaro (4,63 km), Direttore (4,64 km)


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Beach of Rivercina