Some advice and rules to be followed on the beaches on the Island of Elba

  1. The first 200 metres from the shore, and the same distance from steep cliffs, are normally considered the swimming area, and on beaches where there are lifeguards the area is marked off with red buoys.
  2. The safe depth limit (-1,60 metres) is marked off with white buoys.
  3. Sailing and motor boats, as well as jet skis, can be used near the beach only via the specially marked corridors, or by rowing in with the engine switched off; under no circumstances can they be moored within the 200 metres of the swimming area.
  4. Due to ships and boats landing and mooring, swimming in the port is strictly forbidden, as is in the corridors for pleasure boats.
  5. Underwater fishing with loaded weapons is forbidden within 500 metres from the shore.
  6. All boats must have the necessary life saving equipment on board, according to type of sailing.
  7. Please remember that the bathing establishments provide life-guard facilities from 9.00 to 19.00, as well as first aid equipment.
  8. Never go into the sea by yourself.
  9. If the sea is rough be very careful and avoid swimming near the rocks.
  10. Never overdo it and avoid swimming too far out.
  11. Don't go into the water unless you feel perfectly fit.
  12. Don't go swimming if the red flag is flying.
  13. Don't do breath-hold diving or scuba diving unless you have done a special course, and always let people know you are down by using the special buoy.

Should the need arise call the Emergency Medical Service
tel. 118 or contact the Coast Guard tel.1530

What do you do if you are stung by a jellyfish? Please read our suggestions and advice!

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