The main sandy beaches in Elba, suitable for children

Everybody knows that in Elba there are many beaches, and that they are all different. With those families who have small children in mind, we think you might find a complete list of the main, best known sandy beaches in Elba very useful.

Like all the beaches on the island, as well as a free area, they also have various facilities like sun umbrella hire, or where you can hire them and take them elsewhere along the beach, and bars and restaurants. In many beaches you can also take part in several water sports.

The sea at the sandy beaches is usually shallow till you are quite far out, so it is perfect for children who can swim in complete safety or simply play at the water's edge.

So...happy sand castles to everybody!

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21 beaches on the Island of Elba viewed on the map

Forno Forno is a small, quiet sandy beach facing La Biodola Gulf.
Scaglieri Tiny sandy beach next to La Biodola, with many facilities and breathtaking sunsets over the Island of Capraia on the horizon.
Biodola Biodola is a sandy beach in one of the most enchanting gulfs in Elba, near Portoferraio. Beautiful hotels and restaurants right on the beach.
Procchio Procchio is one of the longest and most pleasant sandy beaches in Elba, with a very wide choice of facilities and plenty room to park.
Cotoncello The small beach of Cotoncello has smooth granite cliffs at its back, and is considered a natural swimming pool.
Sant'Andrea The cream coloured fine grain sand makes Sant'Andrea the perfect beach for relaxing on.
Fetovaia Famous Fetovaia, one of the most suggestive beaches on the island, consists of golden sand and smooth rocks.
Seccheto Pleasant and peaceful, coarse grain sands beach, surrounded by beautiful cliffs, Seccheto is perfect if you want peace and quiet.
Cavoli Cavoli is a sandy beach, perfect for teenagers who want to have a good time and get a great sun tan.
Marina di Campo Marina di Campo is a long beach consisting of fine grain sand, right next to the town, and is perfect for children because the water is shallow till far out.
Laconella Laconella is an enchanting, fine grain sandy beach between the Punta della Contessa promontory and Capo Fonza.
Lacona Lacona is one of Elba's largest beaches, and consists of fine grain sand dunes, with many facilities to offer.
Felciaio Felciaio is both a sandy and a pebble beach, and is perfect for those who wish to relax or love diving.
Lido di Capoliveri Lido di Capoliveri is a large, sandy beach, very popular among teenagers and very easy to get to thanks to the bus service.
Zuccale Zuccale beach consisting of fine grain sand and rocks, offers crystal clear water and breathtaking sunsets.
Pareti Pareti is a sandy beach surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, not far from the centre of Capoliveri.
Innamorata Innamorata beach, a romantic, sandy cove, that offers you crystal clear water and enchanting sunsets.
Straccoligno Straccoligno is a beautiful, pristine, sandy beach with bars and restaurants, as well as many tourist facilities like windsurfing schools.
Naregno Naregno is a sandy beach between Porto Azzurro and Capoliveri, near many types of accommodation for tourists.
La Rossa La Rossa is inside the harbour in Porto Azzurro and looks out to one of the biggest inlets in the eastern side of the Island of Elba.
Direttore A tiny, rugged beach without any facilities, consisting of blackish sand rich in iron minerals that sparkles in the sun.