White quartzite sand, in full splendour on the days when the mistral or north-east winds blow

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Sand and shingles / Black
Sand and shingles / Golden
Sand / Golden
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Reef / Grey

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23 beaches on the Island of Elba viewed on the map

Le Calle The crystal clear water and the fact that the area is secluded means that Le Calle rocks are much loved.
Le Piscine Famous for its flat, rather smooth rocks that are comfortable for lying on, dotted with natural pools created by the waves.
Seccheto Pleasant and peaceful, coarse grain sands beach, surrounded by beautiful cliffs, Seccheto is perfect if you want peace and quiet.
Cavoli Cavoli is a sandy beach, perfect for teenagers who want to have a good time and get a great sun tan.
Colle Palombaia Colle Palombaia is a pristine and suggestive beach near Marina di Campo, and is perfect if you want to relax away from the noisy crowd.
Galenzana Galenzana is a unique and extremely beautiful beach, with Mediterranean bush all around.
Marina di Campo Marina di Campo is a long beach consisting of fine grain sand, right next to the town, and is perfect for children because the water is shallow till far out.
Fonza Fonza beach is near Marina di Campo, dogs are allowed. The sea is shallow till quite far out, the sea bed is sandy.
Laconella Laconella is an enchanting, fine grain sandy beach between the Punta della Contessa promontory and Capo Fonza.
Lacona Lacona is one of Elba's largest beaches, and consists of fine grain sand dunes, with many facilities to offer.
Margidore Margidore is a very long, but quiet beach, easy to get to, even by the disabled. Bars, as well as canoe and surf rental on the beach.
Acquarilli Acquarilli is an enchanting beach, thanks to its black sand and shingle, and the steep cliffs around it.
Norsi Norsi is a long, sand and shingle beach in Capoliveri, easy to get to and perfect for children.
Felciaio Felciaio is both a sandy and a pebble beach, and is perfect for those who wish to relax or love diving.
Lido di Capoliveri Lido di Capoliveri is a large, sandy beach, very popular among teenagers and very easy to get to thanks to the bus service.
Zuccale Zuccale beach consisting of fine grain sand and rocks, offers crystal clear water and breathtaking sunsets.
Barabarca Barabarca beach has more than one type of sand, and is in a bay that is sheltered from most winds that blow across the island.
Madonna delle Grazie Madonna delle Grazie is a small, sand and pebble beach, with a diving school, and a bar/restaurant.
Morcone Morcone is a small beach near the centre of Capoliveri, and despite not being very long it offers many facilities.
Pareti Pareti is a sandy beach surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, not far from the centre of Capoliveri.
Innamorata Innamorata beach, a romantic, sandy cove, that offers you crystal clear water and enchanting sunsets.
Vetrangoli A small beach in the mining area of Capoliveri, characterized by sand of suggestive and varying hues that gives the beach an unbelievable colourful aspect.
Remaiolo Remaiolo is a sandy beach you can't get to by car, so it is very quiet. There are several small, rugged coves nearby.