Sand mixed with hematite

Terranera, as well as being very interesting from a geological point of view, is also one of the most suggestive beaches on the Island of Elba.

What makes this area so unique is the truly beautiful Terranera lake (hence the name of the beach): a small, emerald green sulphur lake that is in complete contrast to the deep blue colour of the sea.

In actual fact the beach is divided into two parts. The more southern one has a layer of dark, shiny sand that sparkles thanks to the specks of hematite in the sand, and that gets very warm in the summer sun.

The other one is about 120 metres long and not very wide, and it lies beweeen the green, fresh water lake and the open sea. The sand here is both reddish coloured and shiny black. To the north there is a large rock sticking out of the sea known as the submarine where many people love to dive off from.

The unusual combination of bright colours not often seen in a natural environment makes the entire area unique. These unique colours are due to the presence of hematite and pyrite, the typical iron minerals to be found all over the Island of Elba, and traces of iron both on the surface of the water and below make the scenery all around even more fascinating.

Further along the beach you can still see what is left of the ancient quarry , proof of where the iron was extracted and worked, and on the right a path along the cliffs goes across the mine that is no longer in use and leads right down to the beach of Reale.

The entire area is very popular among mineral lovers and is definitely worth a visit.

Since it faces the open sea it is quite exposed to the winds from the east, but it is precisely all these natural elements that make it so popular. No facilities available. The beautiful sea is crystal clear, and the water that is shallow till quite far out plus the sandy sea bed make it the perfect beach for swimming.

Please note: for safety reasons - the water is very heavy and far from transparent - swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden.

How to get to Terranera beach

Terranera beach sits just off the town of Porto Azzurro and it is easy to get to by car. Take the road for Rio Marina then take the right turning for Reale beach.About 200 metres further along you will see the turning on the left for Capo d'Arco then follow the signs for Laghetto Terranera. From here on a grit road goes as far as a barrier (about 350 metres), and you can drive no further.
If you prefer, you can get to Terranera beach and the lake on foot from Reale beach. Just follow the path across the abandoned mine. There is a spacious, free car park next to Reale beach.

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Terranera Lake

Information and facilities

CommunePorto Azzurro
Recommended with the following winds North Wind, Sout-West Wind, West Wind, Mistral
CompositionSand and shingles
Length220 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Reale (0,43 km), Barbarossa (1,12 km), La Pianotta (2 km), La Rossa (2,2 km), Ortano (2,39 km), Naregno (2,45 km), Straccoligno (3,08 km), Mola (3,13 km), Ferrato (3,27 km), Istia (3,43 km), Malpasso (3,45 km), Calanova (3,5 km), Buzzancone (3,5 km), Luisi d'Angelo (3,63 km), Punta Nera (3,78 km), Marina di Gennaro (4,24 km), La Torre (4,58 km), Del Sasso (4,77 km), Stagnone (4,96 km)


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Beach of Terranera

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