Colour contrasts

The beach is just under 200 metres long, and faces south-east.

The contrast in the colours of the dark, iron and mineral sand under the medium sized white stones is truly beautiful.

On the right of the beach there is Mediterranean bush while on the left there are rocks, and on clear days you can see the port in Rio Marina on the right, as well as the Islands of Cerboli and Palmaiola, the coastline of Tuscany with Follonica, as far as the Island of Giglio and along the Argentario coastline.

The rocks on your left - if you're facing the sea - are beautiful, and they alone make a day on this beach more than worth it. You would think you're down a mine: red and yellow rocks, various iron minerals, colours of many different shades, compact, iron rocks on the beach that are a reddish colour due to the iron dust they are made of, pools of reddish and yellowish coloured water, and what remains of an old loading wharf.

It is a truly unique beach, perfect not only for those who want a peaceful day at the sea, but also for those who want to see a different type of beach, and maybe even want to go on the mini tour of the mines

There are no facilities on the beach.

How to get to the beach

Going from Rio Marina towards Cavo, Topinetti is the first beach you come to. Once you have gone round the bend on the right, you go on to a tarmacadam road that after a short distance becomes grit, and about 100 metres further along you will see the beach on your left.

There is a spacious, 90 metre long, double parking car park right next to the beach.

The grit road that leads to Topinetti beach continues for a good bit along the coast, that is pristine and rugged and that man has left completely untouched; it is made up of large stones that are more suitable for fishing rather than for sunbathing.

There is no car park as such, so you will have to leave your car at the side of the grit road along the coast, with young holm oaks and Mediterranean scrub on either side. Since it is so easy to get to, it may appeal to elderly people who don't really like lying on the beach but preferto sit on rocks overlooking the sea and admire the view of the nearby islands.

During the summer you can get to Topinetti by minibus too thanks to the free bus service.

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Information and facilities

CommuneRio Marina
Recommended with the following winds West Wind, Mistral
CompositionSand and shingles
Length200 m
FacilitiesBar, Minibus, Free parking
Nearby beaches Cala Seregola (0,69 km), Malpasso di Rio (0,94 km), Direttore (1,23 km), Fornacelle (1,78 km), Del Sasso (2,39 km), La Torre (2,57 km), Marina di Gennaro (2,9 km), Cavo (3,15 km), Cala delle Alghe (3,46 km), Luisi d'Angelo (3,51 km), Frugoso (3,67 km), Mangani (3,89 km), Rivercina (4,15 km), Nisportino (4,25 km), Ortano (4,79 km), Nisporto (4,95 km)


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Beach of Topinetti