Also called Punta Rossa beach

The tiny bay of Vetrangoli is on the southern side of the Island of Elba, in the mining area of Capoliveri.

The beach is about 110 metres long and about 45 at its widest point. It is a truly peaceful oasis, separated from Remaiolo beach by a small promontory.

The beach is also called Punta Rossa because there are reddish rocks all around where you can still see traces of the past mining days.

It is a beautiful beach, and consists mainly of sand and white pebbles; in some parts, since the pebbles and sand are of mineral origin they are mixed with iron dust so they are dark and these darker areas look like drawings on the sand, giving the beach a chromatic effect that you will always remember. There is a smaller beach on the right consisting of large stones and rocks of various sizes.

The whole area, with the nearby view of the old mines, is very rugged and pristine.

Vetrangoli is sheltered from northern winds so the sea is always crystal clear, and the beautiful, turquoise colour of the water reflects on the white seabed.

Since access is not very easy and there are no facilities the beach is always very quiet so it is truly rugged and pristine.

Perfect for those who want to relax completelyin a place surrounded by nature.

How to get to Vetrangoli beach

Since it is part of the mining area that is property of the State, the only way you can get to Vetrangoli beach is by sea.

Since it is from Remaiolo beach by only a small promontory, you can even get there on a small canoe.

The distance from here to either Porto Azzurro or Margidore beach is about 5,4 miles, and if you go round the coast about 8,7 from Marina di Campo; a little less (about 8 miles) as the crow flies.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds North Wind, North-East Wind, East Wind, Mistral
CompositionSand and shingles
Length110 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Remaiolo (0,21 km), Stagnone (2,28 km), Innamorata (2,81 km), Punta Nera (2,82 km), Calanova (2,91 km), Buzzancone (2,96 km), Istia (2,97 km), Malpasso (2,98 km), Pareti (3,14 km), Ferrato (3,22 km), Morcone (3,47 km), Straccoligno (3,5 km), Naregno (4,34 km), Madonna delle Grazie (4,47 km)


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Beach of Vetrangoli