Sheltered from the levanter and north-east winds

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8 beaches on the Island of Elba viewed on the map

Cotoncello The small beach of Cotoncello has smooth granite cliffs at its back, and is considered a natural swimming pool.
Sant'Andrea The cream coloured fine grain sand makes Sant'Andrea the perfect beach for relaxing on.
Patresi Patresi beach consists of large pebbles, and the beautiful sea bed is perfect for lovers of scuba diving and snorkelling.
Chiessi Chiessi beach is surrounded by granite cliffs, and is perfect for those who want to do windsurf or go snorkelling on the Island of Elba.
Pomonte Pomonte beach has the same name as the town where it sits, whose sea bed fascinates scuba divers and whose weather is much loved by windsurfing fans.
Le Tombe Le Tombe beach consists of tiny, dark stones, and although not very easy to get to it is of pristine, natural beauty.
Aliva Cala dell'Aliva is one of the Island of Elba's most deserted and pristine beaches.
Fetovaia Famous Fetovaia, one of the most suggestive beaches on the island, consists of golden sand and smooth rocks.