Getting to know Elba well and all its natural beauty

If you want to find the most hidden corners of the Island of Elba and listen to the stories of the great men of the past who made this island what it is today, you can rely on expert guides to show you the most unexpected and surprising places: sands hundreds of metres above sea level, Roman columns lying only a few metres from the beach, Etruscan tombs and fortresses just off the main roads, and then more fortresses, imperial residences, and mining, fishing and quarrier towns.

Whether you are walking, on horseback, sitting in a kayak or in a sailing boat, you will feel you are one and the same thing with this island, and the stress of everyday life will only be something of the past.

Sea, coasts and nature

Young, expert guides from the island, with deep knowledge of the territory, will take you round Elba.

Museums and places of historical interest

Expert guides organize guided tours in the most historically interesting places in Elba, like museums, sanctuaries and churches.

Boat trips

Discover coves and coasts with access only by sea by going on a motor boat trip with guides who have expert knowledge of Elba.
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