Motor boat excursions so you can experience the Island of Elba from the sea

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Taxi Boat Elba

Marina di Campo


Majestic cliffs with a sheer drop right down to the sea, peaceful coves still untouched by man, beaches of a thousand colours, and grottos hidden from the turquoise sea. A way of contemplating Elba from a different angle, going along its coasts with the help of old sea dogs, exploring the hidden, enchanting gorges. Elba offers you more than one way of going on an excursion or on a boat trip, and they will all suit every age and preference.

You can go on a complete tour of the island in one day, and discover a wide variety of environments and panoramas right from the sea; or you can go on a shorter trip by going into a grotto or stopping at a black and golden sands cove, or going far out from the coast and maybe managing to see some of the many dolphins or blue whales, or heading for the other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, or getting up early one morning and experiencing the thrill of going fishing on a fishing boat, where you will hear many intriguing stories from the men who have made the sea their second home.

Here you will find a list of motor boats that will make any wish for discovery come true...and with our help a simple boat tour will become an unforgettable experience.

Name of boat Port of departure Routes
M/b Nautilus
Portoferraio and Marciana Marina

Underwater vision

M/b Gabbiano ll

Boat trip in the gulf of Portoferraio.

Taxi service: Portoferraio - San Giovanni - Fabricia Hotel - Magazzini - Ottone - Bagnaia.

Service starts: April

Elba Excursions
Portoferraio Daily excursions and rental with captain on board - transfer on request (different ports on request).
Sailing Association "Gente di mare"

Weekly, week end or daily sailing boat trips (maximum 15 people).

Service starts:end of April

"Baobab" Association
329.5862130 - 349.1332203

Weekly sailing boat trips to the Tuscan Archipelago for teenagers aged between 10 and 18.

Service: from June to September


Weekly or week end sailing boat trips to the Tuscan Archipelago islands, and to Corsica and Sardinia.

Service starts: May

(other ports on request)

Weekly, week end or daily sailing boat trips with skipper.

For those who choose a trekking excursion to the islands of the Archipelago there is an environmental guide on board, and, on request, also a marine biologist.

Service starts: April 1st


Weekly and week end sailing boat trips with skipper.

Service starts: April 1st

Associazione Ambiente Mare

Sailing boat nature cruises in the Tuscan Archipelago with cetacean sighting. (max.10 people). Not available in August.

Service starts: May

M/b Desideria Princess
328.7821455 - 328.2123795 - 348.3782745
Marina di Campo

Morning and afternoon trips along the coast of the island with stops for swimming: Tuesdays and Thursdays: tour of the island only with prior booking (tel.328.7821455).

service starts: April 25th

M/b Primavera
Marina di Campo

Trips along the south coast of the island with cetacean sighting.

Service starts: April 1st

M/b Mickey Mouse
334.5391129 - 333.9787702 - 328.3781032
Marina di Campo

Trips along the south east coast to Punta Calamita and trips along the south west coast to Pomonte.

service starts: April 25th

Trip Centre
"Il Viottolo srl"
0565.978005 - 329.7367100
Marina di Campo

Sailing boat trips in the Cetacean Sanctuary in search of Mediterranean whales and dolphins.

Service starts: April 1st

Margherita Travel Agency
0565.978004 - 328.6781755
Marina di Campo

Sailing boat trips (whole day and 2/3 nights mini cruises, minimum 6 people) in the Cetacean Sanctuary on the look out for Mediterranean whales.

Service starts: April 1st

Marina di Campo Sailing boat trips. All year round service.
M/b Aqualung
338.5003473 - 338.2674462
Marina di Campo

Underwater viewing of the wonders on the sea bed.

Service starts: May

M/b Cristincardo
333.4647120 - 360.454083
Porto Azzurro and Naregno

Boat trip to the Costa dei Gabbiani.

Service starts: June

Fiordisalemarino Cultural and Sports Association
339.2922023 - 339.8922374
Pareti and Porto Azzurro Daily sailing boat trips along the south coast of Elba with aperitif and lunch on board, and weekly or week end trips on other routes (max. 14 people).
Il Termini Fishing Lodge
Cavo Prior booking Tourism fishing (American style fishing).
Reale Boat Service
Porto Azzurro Tourism fishing (all year round on request).
Da Mamma Rita
0565.976934 - 339.24766470
Marina di Campo Tourism fishing (all year round on request).
Le Barche in cielo
Rio Marina Tourism fishing (only on prior booking from March to October).
Mr.Adelmo De Meo
Cavo Tourism fishing (all year round on request).
Carlo 338.5857177
Marciana Marina Trips round the island and the Archipelago, tourism fishing (all year round on request).