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MINeBIKE Excursion Guide Rio Marina

MINeBIKE is a small company that aims at offering a cutting edge service to as many people as possible who wish to cover long distances and discover the Island of Elba with the help of a guide, a way that has recently proved to be very popular. For this reason we have decided to team up with a large, leading firm that deals in e-bikes.

All the routes are quite easy so people of every level can tackle them with very little effort, also because all our e-bikes are fitted with the latest Bosch motor.

The earth that shimmers

Easy route
Meeting place at 9.00 at the Mineral Park for a tour of the Park itself then departure at 9.30 along with your guide for the excursion. Together you will set off along the old routes of the mines as far as the first mining site (Cantiere Bacino), then you will follow a very scenic road which will get you to the compressors that in the past were used for the drills, then along the road known as Rosseto from where you will be able to view the tunnels from outside; at this point you will find yourselves in the heart of the biggest mining site on the Island of Elba, and here you will have the chance of looking for some minerals in Vigneria, the oldest mining site in Elba; your excursion ends in the centre of the town.
Cost of excursion: €30,00 a head

A journey across time

Medium level route
Meeting place at 15.30 at the Mineral Park for a tour of the Park itself then departure at 16.00 along with your guide for the excursion. Together you will set off along the old mining road that the miners used to follow to get to the Rio Albano mining sites, and you will see the famous workshop of the past where the skilled workers used to repair the engines and tracks. As you go along this old road, surrounded by breathtaking scenery in the heart of the Mediterranean bush, you will get to the mining site known as Le Conche where you can view a tunnel from outside and, weather permitting, stop to view the famous, red water lake. Along the way you will cross a canyon in the Pistello mining site from where you can see Capo Pero beach. Your last stop will be at the Calendozio mining site with its Mars-like appearance, and here the view is both breathtaking and unforgettable. You will then head back for home.
Cost of excursion: €35,00 a head

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