Motonave Magic Princess
Excursion Guide Marina di Campo

Via delle Ginestre 527/A, 57034, Marina di Campo

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Motonave Magic Princess Excursion Guide Marina di Campo

Cruises to discover the most beautiful coasts and beaches of the Island of Elba

From the picturesque setting of Marina di Campo we sail to discover the coasts and the most beautiful bays of Elba Island, the biggest of all the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and among all the smaller islands of Italy!

Comfortable and powerful, The Magic Princess is distinguished by its wide open spaces and the elegant line: on three floors, the ship is equipped a large living room (indoor) with sofas and respective tables, bar, kitchen, space for dancing and two services, while the second floor is a large terrace (outdoor) with sessions from which you can admire the beautiful scenery Elba that are followed during navigation.

In the summer time, every day, we offer different types of cruises to explore the coastline and the most beautiful bays of Elba island accessible only by sea, with several swimming in the sea: durind the cruises will be provided explanations to describe coasts, the curiosity and the island's history.



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