Expert guides will take you on excursions around Elba

Although the economy in Elba is more or less completely tourism orientated, the Island is very attached to its countryside surrounded by greenery and nature, where the human hand is nowhere to be seen. It is true that an active holiday needs a certain amount of will power, but walking along paths and coming across ancient quarries or granite goat sheds, or getting to the top of the highest mountain in Elba, or gliding across the surface of the sea in a sailing boat and stopping to rest in a tiny, deserted cove, doing any of these will more than make up for your efforts, as well as giving you the chance to consider the world from a different point of view.

Let expert excursion guides take you on a nature trip: many agencies and cooperatives organize excursions, but we would like to suggest just two, both of which are done by young people from Elba, geologists, biologists and nature experts, who will have no difficulty in passing on their deep knowledge of the territory as well as that of the history, to you, but, most important of all, will know how to convey their love for the island that has seen them become adults, and welcomed men from every place and civilization.