The Island at your feet, just download it in PDF

Before setting off on holiday, we suggest you download the map of the Island of Elba and go over your geography.

The map of the island of Elba in PDF (2,64MB) has been supplied by kind permission of the Tuscan Archipelago Tourism Agency.

As everybody knows, the Island of Elba is in the beautiful region of Tuscany, or, to be more precise, is in the province of Livorno. Although it is the third largest island in Italy, and is much smaller than Sicily or Sardinia, it has so many different types of natural and geological environments in only 27km by 18 km, that it is second to none with many other Italian regions.

Even just a quick glance is enough for you to see Elba has many promontories, and that , apart from the area that connects Procchio to Marina di Campo, and the area at the foot of Capoliveri, there are very few flat areas. The whole western part of the island consists of granite promontories, including Monte Capanne (1019 metres a.s.l.), the highest mountain on the Island of Elba and in the whole province of Livorno.

All the main, secondary and grit roads are shown on the map of the Island of Elba that you can download in PDF. In any case, they are all quite winding and sometimes steep.

The distance from one place to another is usually quite short, and you can do a tour of the whole island in about half a day, not counting the stops along the way for a swim or a tour of the towns!

Even the distances between the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago are quite short: on a clear day you can see each of them on the horizon, and if you wish, you can organize daily excursions to go and see each of them.

Distances between communes and towns

The distances in kilometres between the main towns and places on the Island of Elba.

Distances between the other islands

Some useful numbers to get to know the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago better.

The measurements of Elba

Some geographical information in order to fully comprehend Elba's size.
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