The distances between the main towns on the island

The first thing you notice when you look at a road map of Elba, that you can download free in PDF, is that the distance beween one place and another is always relatively short: regardless of where you start off, it will take you about twenty minutes/half an hour at the most, to get somewhere else completely different, as regards history, beaches and nature.

Just think for a moment what it's like going from Portoferraio, once a fortified port, to Marciana Marina, a small, sea town, or going through the chestnut woods in Monte Perone to get to Marciana Alta from the holiday resort of Marina di Campo, or going from the ferrous area of Rio to the spacious square in Porto Azzurro or to the Medicean hillside town of Capoliveri!

In this section you will find the distances in kilometres between the main towns and places on the Island of Elba. We suggest you switch off your sat Nav (it's impossible to get lost in Elba!) and just let the beauty of the scenery and your instinct be your co pilot: you spirit of "adventure" will be forever grateful!

Distances in kilometres between towns and places on the island of Elba

1413125Porto Azzurro
147161410Rio nell'Elba
20132117123Rio Marina
512101615152126S. Martino
8151318181824296La Biodola
13211020222329341193La Pila (Aeroporto)
152292120293138131152Marina di Campo
19261528263035401715966S. Piero
162413232327333814126343S. Ilario
17252026282733381513710121715192019Marciana Marina
2937323840404550272519242421211711912107S. Andrea
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