Some useful numbers to get to know the Tuscan Archipelago better

The Island of Elba, with an area of 224 square kilometres, is the biggest island in the Archipelago and the third biggest in Italy. There are only 10 kilometres from Cavo, its furthermost point on the north east side, to the mainland.

From Elba to Capraiathere are about 33 kilometres (about 18 nautical miles), and from Elba to Montecristo about 39 kilometres. The Island of Giglio is a little less than 28 nautical miles from Punta Calamita, the furthermost point of the Island of Elba on the south east side.

The nearest island is Pianosa, and is only 13km (about 7,4 miles) away; once a penal colony, it is now the central jewel of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

Elba is also quite near the French island of Corsica: the distance between Napoleon's native island and the one where he was exiled is about 50 km (27 nautical miles). Thanks to Elba being so near all the other islands in the Tuscan Archipelago, it is easy to go on a trip from Elba to Pianosa, or Capraia, or Giglio, or Montecristo, or Corsica.

The distances in nautical miles between the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago

Island of Elba

The distances in nautical miles between Elba, Tuscan islands and Corsica

The distances in kilometres between Elba, Tuscan islands and Corsica

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