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The island of Elba has always been a hot favourite with tourists and foreigners: from families with small children to youngsters in search of fun, from couples who await the sunset to singles looking for their kindred spirit. Each one of them has discovered a different soul and aspect of the island, precisely because Elba has much to offer, and a single Holiday on the Island of Elba doesn't exist: it would be more correct to say there are as many different holidays in Elba as there are tourists... and Infoelba is well aware of this.

This is the reason why we have decided to dedicate a special page full of useful information to ensure your holiday is made to measure, so that you can organize all your trips, or find the information you are looking for, or have other options open, but above all never be disappointed in everything that Elba has to offer.

Singles or groups of friends

In Elba it's easy to make new friends, then have dinner together, spend whole nights dancing and maybe even go for a midnight swim.

Young couple

If you're a young couple looking for privacy and peace, Elba has many tiny coves that are more or less deserted even in August.

Families with children

The island of Elba is the ideal holiday resort for families with small children
The beaches suitable for children
The beaches on the Island of Elba provide all the facilities that families with small children may need.

Activities for children
A wide choice of activities for children in Elba: mines, aquarium, play parks, sailing lessons.

Elba with my pet

There are many hotels in Elba that allow pets, just as there are many places to take him walking or running.
Enpa Dogbar Campaign Island of Elba
Enpa Dogbar Campaign for Animal Friendly shopkeepers on the Island of Elba.

On holiday with your dog: useful suggestions
Some practical information on how to avoid problems with those next to you on the beach, flat, restaurant, if you have brought your dog with you on holiday.

On holiday with your cat: useful advice
Advice and suggestions to ensure your cat a happy holiday.

Pets and cars
In summer never leave your pets in the car, where the temperature can rise very quickly

If your dog gets sunstroke; prevention and treatment
Useful information to prevent your dog from getting sunstroke, and what to do if he gets it.

Your dog's health
Advice and suggestions to guarantee your dog a safe and healthy holiday: parasiticide and prevention of leishmaniasis.n

Group or party of people

Booking the ferry beforehand and consulting a tourist guide is the best way to organize a holiday on the Island of Elba for a party of people.


Using our experience and our taking friends' advice we have chosen some of the beaches and hotels where there are no architectural barriers for the disabled.

Over 70

The best months in Elba for a quiet and peaceful holiday are April, May, june and September, when there are very few tourists.

Special needs person

Even if you have to undergo daily dialysis or have to eat gluten free foods, you can still have a wondeful holiday on the island of Elba.

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