The family-friendly island

Hospitality, safety and a world that has been made to measure for children: The Island of Elba is the ideal holiday resort if you want a happy, family atmosphere that is also perfectly safe for your children.

Some of the old parts in the towns and villages look as though they have been specially made for children, where they can run and play in complete safety while their parents can relax and watch on. Just go to one of the many parksand you will always see children playing hide and seek or cycling, while in the square other children will be playing football. On the beach young explorers are in search of crabs and fish...and all this is possible because in Elba children can still play and learn in the heart of nature.

And the entire adventure starts even before they get to their destination! Even just getting on the ferry for the crossing from Piombino to Elba is an adventure in itself. Take, for example, the tiny islands that often seem mysterious that you will go past during the crossing, or the seagulls that fly over your head as if welcoming you, or your hair blowing in the wind: it's just one surprise after another.

Once you're actually on the island, you will see that you will never disagree with anything your children want to do!

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The beaches suitable for children

The beaches on the Island of Elba provide all the facilities that families with small children may need.

Activities for children

A wide choice of activities for children in Elba: mines, aquarium, play parks, sailing lessons.