Dear Fido, welcome to Elba!

There are three communes on the Island of Elba where you, man's best friend, are allowed on the beach: Fonza, in the commune of Campo nell'Elba, part of Marciana Marina, and the part of Mola beach in Porto Azzurro with the sign saying Dog Beach, where you will be given a dish of water, as well as a sun umbrella and sun bed for your owner.

There are also many hotels, residences, campsites, farm holiday centres, bed & breakfasts and apartments where dogs are allowed, as well as many places where you can go for a walk with your dog or let him run about.

No special vaccination is needed for your dog if you want to take him with you to Elba, but make sure you don't forget to carry the leash and muzzle with you at all times when you take him out, the Italian laws are valid here too!

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Enpa Dogbar Campaign Island of Elba

Enpa Dogbar Campaign for Animal Friendly shopkeepers on the Island of Elba.

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