Enpa Dogbar Campaign Island of Elba

The Island of Elba will become more and more pet friendly over the summer of 2016

From June 21st to September 30th the Dogbar ENPA campaign will come into force again and the Island of Elba will be even more pet-friendly.

Every shop, bar or commercial concern that is animal friendly will have an Enpa Dogbar notice exposed and a free Dogbar Enpa water dish will be provided so that your dog can drink fresh water if he is thirsty.

The DOGBAR notice will have a QR Code which means those who have a Smartphone or a Tablet can click on our landing page Infoelba.it/pets where they will find all the information they may need concerning bringing their pets on holiday with them.

As well as these places where they can drink, this year there will also be another important and completely new aspect!

Not only will dogs be able to drink, but shopkeepers who have taken part in this campaign will put an educational notice in their window or inside the premises saying that dog owners may ask for dog waste bags if they have run out of them.

How to become a member of the Dogbar Enpa

Campagna Dogbar 2016

Those who wish to join the campaign can download the 2016 Dogbar Campaign pdf, or visit the site www.enpaelba.org, or send an email to isoladelba@enpa.org.

Enrollment fee is 10.00 euros and includes water dish + DOGBAR notice + educational Notice + kit of waste bags.

Money collectedthrough the Dogbar Enpa campaign will be used to buy medicines, antibiotics, painkillers, blood tests and sprays against parasites, to be used in the second ELBAforCATS sterilization campaign.

As with previous editions, you can publicize all this with the selfie campaign and from time to time on social networks and local media.

A special thank you must go first of all to all those who take part in helping to make dogs feel comfortable while they are on holiday.

Take a Selfie while you're at a Dogbar

Share your selfies of you with your dog at the Dogbars on the Island of Elba on Enpa Island of Elba facebook page and make your pets the real protagonists of your holiday!

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