Advice on how to ensure your pet a safe holiday on the island of Elba

Ticks and fleas are everywhere. But sad to say, the Island of Elba is one of the places where the risk of catching leishmaniasis is very high.

Everybody knows that this is a very serious illness for dogs, and that it is caused by sand fly bites.

It is therefore very important to do our best to ensure our four-legged friend a truly safe holiday, doing whatever is necessary before we leave.

Here are some helpful suggestions to safeguard his health:

  • complete parasiticide protection with whatever the vet has prescribed;
  • use repellents like Neem oil, that is 100% natural and very effective: :
  • avoid walking your dog in the evening and at night;
  • let your dog sleep in the house at night, and put mosquito nets on the windows.

Some simple, but very useful advice that will safeguard your dog's health.

Advice and photos on behalf of Enpa Onlus Island of Elba section

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