Never leave your dog or your cat in the car in summer!

It is veryimportant to be absolutely clear here: never leave your dog or cat in the car in summer.There are no two ways about it.

The temperature inside a car that has been parked in the sun can reach 70° very quickly - like an oven - and this is a sure way of leaving your cat or dog to die.

Would you be able to stand a temperaturs of 70° or over? Ask yourself this question and you know the answer!

An American vet once tried to take the place of a dog and see what it was like for him in the summer. Even in the shade and with the car windows slightly open.

He parked his car in the sun and stayed inside for 30 minutes, checking the temperature constantly and filming his physical conditions that bit by bit got worse. What are the consequences? Very heavy sweating, lightheadedness, stress and a feeling of suffocation.

It's like giving your dog the death penalty.

Not only does a dog have a different body temperature to ours, having fur plus the fact that he doesn't sweat means you guarantee his death in very little time. In short, a heart attack. Surely that's the last thing you want!?

So, if you want to go to the beach or need to do some shopping you have two choices:take your dog with you orleave him at home in the shade.

But whichever choice you make, do what is best for him.

Never forget that, it is against the law to leave your dog in the car in the burning sun, so you will be carrested and will have to face trial. Please heed this warning and always treat your pet with the same love and respect he has on your behalf. He can't speak so it's your place to do it for him.

Advice on behalf of Enpa Island of Elba

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