On holiday in Elba with your dog: hints and suggestions

Every animal lover knows that there are rules that although aren't written anywhere, will help make your holiday with your pet enjoyable and relaxing, both for you and for those sitting next to you on the beach or at the restaurant, or simply those who live in the flat next to yours.

Every dog owner knows - or at least he should - his own dog.

It goes without saying that if your dog is boisterous and lively, you have to be sure that it is a good idea taking him to the beach or places where there are a lot of people.

Maybe it would be a better idea taking him for a long, frisky walk and then taking him home for a rest (not all day obviously) where it is cooler. If you are staying in a hotel, come to an agreement with the Manager as regards if and for how long you can leave him in your room.

If, on the other hand, your dog is calm, we suggest - whether you're on the beach or in a restaurant, bar or ice cream parlour etc - you choose a shaded area where he won't disturb anyone and where noone will bother him.

On the beach

Dogs on the beach are often cause of arguments and complaints, but we believe that if you stick to these few, simple rules you won't have any problems:

  • try to be kind and pleasant at all times, and ask the person next to you if he has anything against your having your dog with you. Even though the law allows dogs on the beaches, you will never go wrong if you are always polite, and are more likely to avoid even the smallest of arguments.
  • as we have already said choose a quiet area in the shade (a good idea would be to look for it before you arrive)
  • keep your dog near you and on a leash at all times, and never forget his muzzle and the waste disposal bags (keep your eyes on him all the time should the need arise).
  • NEVER leave him on his own and never stay far away. Take turns at watching over him.
  • make sure he has done his mess before getting to the beach, and take him for a walk at least every two hours (not along the beach) so that he can drink and stretch his legs.
  • keep where you are clean as if you were at home
  • and what if your dog wants to go in for a swim? Avoid taking him in at peak hours.Nobody likes a dog that jumps about and splashes people. The best time to take him into the water is early in the morning (about 8.00 a.m.) or in the evening after 7.00 p.m. Unless of course you go to one of the Dogbeaches in Elbawhere there is an area specifically for dogs and where they can go into the water.

Just follow these few rules and you'll see that everything goes smoothly.

Suggestions on behalf of the Enpa, Island of Elba

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