Finding your twin spirit or having a good time on the beaches and in nightclubs on the Island of Elba

Cupid must have had a ball with his arrows on some of the beaches on the Island of Elba. As soon as you get to the beaches of La Biodola, or Cavoli or Lido di Capoliveri you are struck by the amount of girls and boys playing in the water, or playing with rackets and balls on the beach, or sunbathing and covering eachother in sun tan lotion.

It's no problem making new friends, then going out to dinner together, or dancing the nights away, or maybe even going all together for a midnight swim.

The most popular places among the young are the Tinello, the Tennis and the Club 64, and if you fancy a midnight swim once the evening is over, go to either La Biodola beach, or to Lido beach; with their soft sand and shallow water they are perfect for running wild.

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