Romance is one of the many aspects Elba has for tourists

If you are a young couple looking for some peace and privacy, there are many tiny coves that are more or less deserted even in the month of August. It's true, you will have to suffer a little...often the only way to get to these isolated and untouched beaches is by following trekking paths, sometimes short sometimes long, in order to get to (Le Tombe, or Remaiolo, or Stagnone), or by sea, by hiring a dinghy, but at least this way you will discover bays that are sheltered on either side by breathtaking cliffs that drop sheer down to the crystal clear sea.

Before going out for a candle lit dinner in a restaurant on the beach, or in some tiny hillside village, stop for an aperitif on one of the beaches on the western side of the island, like Scaglieri, or Procchio. When the sun sets, your day will be made complete when the starry night takes the place of the blue sky.

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