Museums, ancient monuments, breathtaking views

If you were under the impression the island of Elba was just sun, sea and beaches, this section will come as a complete surprise to you.

There are many interesting and fascinating places to see that both children and adults will like, be they historical, geological, architectural, religious or natural: archeological sites, breathtaking views, mines, museums, churches and fortresses are all there just waiting to be discovered.

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Churches and sanctuaries

There are numerous places of worship, parish churches, churches and ancient hermitages in Elba.

Forts and fortresses

There are Etruscan fortifications, Pisan and Appian towers, and Medicean and Spanish fortresses in Elba, all examples of forefront impregnable architecture.

Historical Places

Symbolic places of famous people and ancient civilizations on the Island of Elba.

Museums and archeological sites

Museums, archaeological sites, travelling exhibitions tell us of the Island of Elba's complex history.

Scenic and suggestive places

Admiring sunsets, coves, stone monsters and colours on the Island of Elba.

Map of what to see and where to go on the Island of Elba

Legend of points of interest

Churches and sancturies
Forts and fortresses
Historical places
Panoramas/Views and scenic areas

Groups di points of interest: zoom in to see them (the icon may vary in colour and size).

56 places to visit that can be seen on the map.
The map has already been laid out at a zoom level that enables you to see all the points of interest.