A church dating back to the XIII century below te tiny town of Poggio

The ancient Church of San Lorenzo is in the valley below the small town of Poggio and in order to get there just follow the country road that branches off from the main road for Marciana.
This parish Church dates back to the XIII century, when the Island of Elba was under the Republic of Pisa, and is a clear example of Romanesque art, as well as having many stylistic and structual similarities with the parish church of San Giovanni in Campo.
Despite there being very little of the roof still standing today, and both the floor and inside being covered in weeds and wild plants, you can still see the outsde walls very clearly: the skill used in the squaring of the stones gives the entire building the idea of absolute geometric precision,although the granite slabs used to build it are somewhat larger than those used to build other Romanesque Churches in Elba.
Another important aspect of the Church of San Lorenzo is the difference in the length of the side walls which give the building a rather irregular shape.
The facade, on the other hand, is very straight, and the main door, with the typical Greek cross opening, has a bare gable, and a round arch that supports the lintel.
As far as the bell gable, is concerned, in typical Romanesque style, unfortunately its original arched crown is no longer there and only the two supporting columns remain.
No doubt the terrible condition that the building is in today is not only due to the fact that over the years it has been completely neglected, but is also due to the numerous attacks on the island on behalf of the Turkish pirates in 1553 while they were serving France against King Charles V.
The Church has been dedicated to San Lorenzo, who died as a martyr during the persecutions on behalf of Emperor Valeriano around the III century AD. This is the reason why many believers celebrate this saint on August 10th, saying the shooting stars are his tears.

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Chiesa di San Lorenzo