Inside the Church there is the painting of the Madonna del Silenzio done by Marcello Venusti, one of Michelangelo's students

The Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie is in Valle dei Pinelli, near both the town of Capoliveri and the coast.

Although the original architecture of the Church was Medieval, both the style and the adornments were in some way influenced by the baroque period about to start at the end of the XVI century.

The Church consists of a single Latin cross nave, with two chapels and a transept, a steeple with a small dome in oriental style at the topand a sacristy that was once home to hermits. The interior of the Church is in Baroque style with a magnificent wood coffered ceiling and beautiful frescoes done by the Elba artist Eugenio Allori.

Inside the Sanctuary you can see the beautiful painting of the sixteenth century Madonna del Silenzio, done by Marcello Venusti, one of Michelangelo's students. The name of the painting comes from the way S. Giovanni Battista's index finger in his right hand is over his lips as if asking people to be silent so as not to wake Baby Jesus.

There are many legends concerning this small painting that measures only 45x56 cm, like the one that says sailors and miners often prayed before the Madonna delle Grazie to thank her for miracles she had done.

eventually the French monks who had fled from the Reign of Terror.

Much renovation work was carried out on the Church in the XX century, above all to reinforce the building damaged by the bombs during the war.

The Sanctuary is open to the public only on special occasions, like December 8th, the feast of the Madonna delle Grazie.

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Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie