Etruscan fortifications, Pisan towers and Medicean fortresses

The Island of Elba, thanks to both its strategic position in the Mediterranean, from where it was always easy to control sea traffic, and its mineral wealth, has always appealed to the most important civilizations who, in an attempt to defend their territories - often conquered with great difficulty - over hundreds of years built modern fortified outposts.

There are Etruscan fortifications, often surrounded by scrub, Pisan towers as well as Appian ones, and Medicean and Spanish fortresses, all perfect examples of forefront impregnable (or nearly) architecture.

Today their walls have much to tell: not just stories of raids and violence, but also about all those who dreamed of making Elba the centre of the Mediterranean. If you go and see the remains, you will immediately be able to feel the strength of the fortresses that stand high and proud looking onto unique and unforgettable views

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Medicean ramparts

The Medicean ramparts in Portoferraio were on four different levels, so were a strong defence against attacks both from the sea and the land.

English Fort

The English Fort in Portoferraio is a small fortification, and is proof of the presence of the English on the Island.

Fort Longone

Fort Longone, a clear example of the Spanish presence on the island, today used as a prison.

Fort Focardo

Like the Fort of San Giacomo, Forte Focardo was built to strengthen the defence system and protect from possible attacks from the sea.

Fortress of Giogo

The fortress of Giogo or Giove is on a hill with a stunning view that stretches as far as the Island of Giglio.

Fort Falcone

Fort Falcone , along with Fort Stella and the Linguella Tower, is one of the three backbones of the defence system in the town of Portoferraio.

Fortress in Marciana

There is a museum inside the Fortress in Marciana that during the summer holds exhibitions and cultural meetings.

Fort Stella

The star shaped fort sits on the second hill of the town of Portoferraio.

Linguella Tower

The third fortress designed by Giovanni Camerini to fortify the town of Portoferraio as Cosimo de' medici wished in 1548.

Volterraio Castle

The Volterraio Castle can be easily seen from the ferry as you come in to Portoferraio, and is the most ancient fortification on the Island of Elba.

Appiani Tower

The Appiani Tower, also called the Marina Tower, proudly overlooks the port of Marciana Marina.

Tower of San Giovanni

Historical evidence of the Pisan rule on the Island of Elba, overlooking the gulf of Marina di Campo.

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