Wanted by Cosimo de' Medici, it was founded in Portoferraio on March 15th 1561

Where Portoferraio - Old part
How to get there go into Piazza Cavour from Porta a Mare, take the small road on the right.
Opening hours varies according to the opening hours of the shops inside the dockyard
Prices admission free

It was Cosimo de' Medici who wanted a galliass dockyard so the galliasses of the Order of the Santo Stefano Knights (and later those of all the Granducato navy) could be built and repaired; it was founded on March 15th 1561. Just like the Order of Malta, this Order of Knights had been founded to protect the Mediterranean from the Saracens.

The wall that separated the fortified town from the sea was thinner precisely opposite the dockyard so that it could be knocked down and rebuilt quickly when the galliasses were to be launched.

The ogival arches and part of the aqueduct behind the dockyard, that is held up by arches, are all that is left of the original building.

Atfter the Second World War it became the home of the indoor market; today there is a small supermarket and some shops inside.

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