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Where Portoferraio - Loc.San Martino
How to get there Coming from Portoferraio, take the main road for Marina di Campo, and after about 5 km turn left at the junction for San Martino, Napoleon's Villa in San Martino; a few metres further along you'll see a sign on your left for the Italo Bolano Open Air.
Opening hours 10.00-13.00 / 16.00-19.30 Sundays: closed
Prices admittance free

There are thirty monuments in an Arcadian atmosphere in a valley of Mediterranean plants, like mimosas, eucalyptus, myrtle and oleander in an area of 10.000 square metres between the Etruscan fortress of Castiglione and Napoleon's Villa in San Martino. With its cultural meetings, experimental laboratories, conferences, exhibitions and theatrical plays it is the perfect place for those who seek inspiration.

The large ceramic sculptures and paintings done by the maestro Italo Bolano seem to come to life and adapt just like real people to the changes in the weather; the eyes and words of the artist tell us that this open air museum is simply a reflection of the world and the human soul.

The Museum Centre, considered by the Region of Tuscany as one of the first modern art paths (TRAART), has rooms for exhibitions and for conferences, pottery laboratories, an open air theatre and a bookshop; you can also visit where the maestro works. During the summer months he remains on his beloved island where he was born, and during the winter months he lives in Prato.

Italo Bolano

Italo Bolano was born in Portoferraio (Island of Elba). He studied Art in Florence and Architectural composition in Padova, then went on to teach drawing and Art History in schools in Prato and Florence.

He has travelled to many different countries, and is particularly interested in the countries of the east, especially the art-city relationship to be found in Jerusalem, Paris and Brussels. From the early age of fourteen he has taken part in national and international exhibitions, both individual and along with others. His style of painting has gone from young figurative expressionism to the present abstract expressionism. The periods when the poetry of Mario Luzi, or Napoleon, or Jesus Christ or his Mother Island inspired his paintings are particularly interesting.[...]

At present he is doing work on some art in several cities in Italy, using china, steel structures and Dallas glass. His works can be found both in public and private collections in Amsterdam, Basel, London, New York, Brussels, Hamburg, Lausanne, Bologna, Karlsruhe, Ancona, Munich, Zurich, Rome, Sion, Prato Varese etc.

Biography adapted from www.italobolano.com

Works on the Island of Elba by Italo Bolano

Italo Bolano Open Air, loc San Martino: 25 monuments in a park measuring 10.000 square metres


  • Sestante and Boat in the Sun, steel and Dallas glass
  • Sailing,pottery 1,8 metres x 5,00

And also:

  • Stele to Ilario Zambelli, martyr of the Ardeatine Trenches
  • Saint Joseph of 13 square metres, Saint Joseph's Parish, Carpani
  • Work of about 300 square metres, Pietri Cinema (now closed down)
  • Work in the Magistrate's Room in Portoferraio

Campo nell'Elba

  • Italo Bolano Holy Art Museum, c/o San Gaetano Church: 16 paintings of the Life of Christ
  • To Giuseppe Pietri, pottery 1 m x 7 m, and large oil painting in the Town Offices
  • Landing of the Allied Troops in Marina di Campo, pottery 0,8 x 2,4
  • To Teseo Tesei, pottery and steel


  • Millenium, pottery 10 square metres
  • Sun and Moon, steel and Dallas glass
  • Capoliveri my love, pottery

Marciana (Loc Procchio)

  • Procchio Shipwreck, pottery 0,8 m x 2,4 m

Marciana Marina

  • Day / Night, pottery 0,8 m x 2,4 m dedicated to Mario Luzi

Porto Azzurro

  • Spanish Porto Azzurro, pottery 4,5 m x 1,65 m ( to be moved)
  • Life at Sea, pottery 2,35 m x 1,20 m (to be moved)

Rio nell'Elba

  • The Sinking of the Sgarallino, pottery 1,2 m x 2,4 m
  • Tribute to the land of Rio, pottery 0,8 m x 2,4 m
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