Admiring sunsets, coves, stone monsters and colours on the Island of Elba

The uniqueness of the Island of Elba is due to its many different environments, from where you can suddenly discover unique, breathtaking unexpected panoramas. In this section you will find a brief guide not only to the most famous panoramas like that from Monte Capanne, or from the Volterraio Castle, but also the more hidden and less known corners, from where you can admire sunsets, coves, stone monsters and colours that have always brought joy to the hearts of every generation.

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Pietra Murata

Pietra Murata, control area and, in Hellenistic times, area of villages consisting of stone huts and shelters.

Monte Capanne

The highest mountain in Elba at 1019 metres is perfect for trekking, and offers a unique view of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

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Map of panoramas/views and scenic areas on the Island of Elba

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