How to get to the highest peak on the Island of Elba

The chairlift in Pozzatello, just off the town centre in Marciana, takes you right up to the top of Monte Capanne. Built in the 1960s, and modernized in 2005, from the Spring onwards you can reach the peak and enjoy the unique, breathtaking view - 950 metres above sea level - in only 18 minutes.

Timetable of Chairlift Marciana - Monte Capanne
from Saturday 31 March 2018

First trip upLast trip upLast trip downFirst trip upLast trip upLast trip down
April, May, June, October and November10.00 a.m.1.00 p.m.1.00 p.m.2.20 p.m.5.00 p.m.5.30 p.m
July, August and September10.00 a.m.1.00 p.m.1.00 p.m.2.20 p.m.5.30 p.m.6.00 p.m.

Please phone 0565 901020 (Società Elbana Trasporti) if you wish any further information.

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